The Parish Council for Culcheth and Glazebury was established by Government Order on 8th October 1973, it is the third Parish Council the district has had.

The first Parish Councillors were elected in Culcheth & Glazebury in 1974.

To commemorate this half centenary , we created this gallery of Parish Councillors and Clerks over this time.

If you have a family member who has been a Parish Councillor in Culcheth & Glazebury and would like to provide a photograph to add to the Group please send it to the clerk.

Cllr David Robb

Cllr D Robb

Cllr B Budworth

Cllr D Warburton

Cllr W Needham

Cllr A Foster

Cllr J D Fern

Cllr F Crossley

Cllr D A Chapman

Cllr E Hawthorne

Cllr L Daintith

Cllr R S Wood

Cllr G C Cadogan