PC Minutes November 2022

Minutes Uploaded on April 6, 2023

Culcheth and Glazebury Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 

held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th November  2022 

At the Culcheth Centre 


Chairman N Johnson  Vice Chairman K Bland

Councillors S Bland, B Alldred, P Holmes, V Allen, C Benson, C Smith, J Seddon, S Carr

PART 1   Welcome & Open 7.35pm

  1. To receive member’s apologies for unavoidable absence Cllr Holmes


  1. 2.1 Code of Conduct – Declaration of Interests    None
  • Localism Act 2011 – Dispensations None


  1. To approve the Minutes of the previous PC meeting held on 11th October 2022

 Resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 11th October be agreed as a true and accurate record , agreed by all


  1. Police Report


Mobile Enforcement Van A574 (Culcheth) – dates/number of vehicles over threshold – details won’t be passed on. 1 Jan – 22;  18 Jan – 19;  3 Feb – 2;  24 Aug – 32;  5 Sep – 11

Culcheth HS – Hate crime input

Glazebury Primary – bonfire/firework input

Halloween/Fireworks advice to businesses/shops

The below stats outline incidents reported 01/10/2022 – 31/10/2022

Anti-Social Behaviour – 1 report

Culcheth: 1x Motorbike (for awareness Op Scrambler & local patrols)

Glazebury: No reports

Croft:  No reports

Burglary Dwelling – 2 reports

Culcheth:  1 report Wigshaw Lane – Car/Key

Croft: 0 report

Glazebury 1 report Lately Common – Business/farm premises -relates equipment, Rural Crime Team attended

Burglary Others – 0 Report for Culcheth, Croft, Glazebury

Vehicle Crime/ Offences – 3 Report

Culcheth: 1x Theft from vehicle (tools)

Croft: Nothing reported

Glazebury: 2x Theft from vehicle (1x contents; 1x parts)

Criminal Damage – 2 Report

Culcheth:  1x windows

Glazebury: Nothing to report

Croft: 1x post

Report compiled by PCSO 20367 Roberts (07/11/22)

 5.1 To receive a report from the Planning Committee and to review applications

Cllr K Bland reported on the previous Planning meeting and applications received,

The current list of applications was issued to all present and agreed.

Friends of Culcheth Library are supporting the application regarding the library and a representative will attend the WBC meeting.

 5.2 To approve the Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on 25th October 2022

Resolved that the Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on 25th October be agreed as a true and accurate record , agreed by all

6.1 To receive a report from the Land & Environment Committee and to review to date

Cllr S Bland reported on the meeting and progress to date.

6.1a Defibrillators Three 24-hour access defibrillators are now in place. The two at the Esso Station, Culcheth  and the Village Tea Rooms at Glazebury have been funded by the PC and the Queen’s Jubilee Awards for All Grant. Thanks are extended to the building owners who have allowed and assisted with their installation. The PC have purchased and installed the third at the Scout Hut on Jackson Avenue, to replace the older machine which was out of order. All defibrillators will be monitored by the building users and the PC. The project has been led by Cllr Seddon.

6.1b Kick Rails two could be added and the work is in hand,

6.1c Gardener  Cllr Smith has carried out a site visit and agreed some work with the gardener. Cllrs Smith and Seddon will do a further review.

6.1d Warm spaces Cllr Benson reported on the WBC approach. There is not a list available currently. The library is a designated venue on a Saturday morning, with hot drinks available.

6.1e Christmas Market There have been problems this year. The documents for WBC are due soon. The business provider withdrew, and Cllr S Bland has put in a considerable amount of time pursuing the adapted plan. Gazebos, previously and for this year being hired from WBC, were available but the management of this has changed. It has not been possible to arrange in line with current Health and Safety requirements. Sadly, it is agreed that the outdoor market stalls cannot take part this year. All recognise the disappointment for stall holders and the community.

The entertainer is booked and may be able to continue. The Christmas Fairs arranged at  Newchurch Parish Hall and the Methodist Hall are planned and will take place. These are always successful. The switch on of the lights is arranged for 4.15pm at the Millenium Garden. There will be a choir.

Contact will be made with all concerned as soon as possible.

The Chairman thanked Cllr S Bland for the time and commitment she has given to the Christmas events for this year and all previous years.

Resolved that the outside Christmas Market is sadly cancelled

6.2 To approve the Minutes of the Land & Environment Meeting held on  25th October


Resolved that the Minutes of the Land & Environment Meeting held on 25th October be agreed as a true and accurate record , agreed by all


7.1 To approve increase in Clerks pay as per national agreement from April 1st 2022

Councillors have received details of the agreement.

Resolved that the Clerks pay be increased as per national agreement from April 1st 2022

7.2 To approve payments

A list of payments for October and November has been issued to Councillors.

Resolved that the payments are approved, agreed by all

7.3 Scribe update

Loading all information onto Scribe is more time consuming than expected but includes documents which  will be of benefit at year end. Accounts will be finalised prior to the December Finance Meeting.

7.4 Budget

The next Finance Meeting will consider a draft budget for discussion and recommendation to full Council at the December Meeting. Finance Meeting agreed for 6pm on Tuesday 6th December.

7.5 Banking

Part 2 to provide a Minute Record for Unity Bank.

Policies & documents to review & adopt

Further policies are being prepared for adoption at the December Meeting.

Clerks Report – items not included in other agenda items. Report issued to Councillors.

Gardens and open areas – The gardener is progressing with work around the village including Maypole Green and Glazebury Gardens. Grass cutting will end for the season soon at Glazebury Play Area. Plants will be replaced later than usual due to summer ones still

flowering. Requests for additional flowering areas are noted. A final response is awaited from WBC for the land near the roundabout. Uneven flags remain in some areas where WBC have removed weeds. Future discussion will include the linear park

Training – Clerk training continues for Scribe and CILCA. First Aid is booked for 29th November for the Clerk and Councillors who want to attend.

Administration Routine work is ongoing. Further policy development continues. Older records need to be reviewed at some point.

Website Development continues. It will be slow to start but items continue to be added.

There is a lot that can be developed.

Remembrance Nothing has been received yet. Wreathes are ordered. Councillors are attending the Church Service.

Policing There will be a representative at the December Meeting. Speeding issues are being looked at.

Borough Councillor Report

Cllr Allen gave a report on decisions made at WBC at the last two BC meetings.

Motions were put forward, some agreed others rejected. It was disappointing that the motion to broadcast meetings was rejected. This would have stopped some unpleasantness in the meetings and been transparent. The motion against fracking in Warrington was passed.

A report was forwarded to all regarding the problems with flies.

 Chairman’s Communications

Culcheth Green

Councillors again discussed the lack of progress and await input and a reply from Cllr Higgins at WBC. There is not match funding, but WBC control the Green and the playground.

Clerk to contact Cabinet Members and invite Cllr Higgins to the December 13th Meeting

To confirm Date & Venue of next meeting

First Aid Training 6pm Tuesday 29th November 2022 at Glazebury Methodist Church

Finance Meeting   6pm Tuesday   6th December 2022 at Culcheth Library

Finance Meeting   7pm Tuesday 13th December 2022 at Glazebury Methodist Church

PC Meeting      7.30pm Tuesday 13th December 2022 at Glazebury Methodist Church [Police will attend]

Meeting closed 8.30pm

Meeting open to the Public None in attendance


 Part 2



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