October 2021 Parish News

News Items Uploaded on April 5, 2023

October 2021 Parish News

The Play Area on Culcheth Green.

A meeting was held between officers of Warrington Borough Council, Parish and Borough Councillors to discuss possible developments of the play area in Culcheth. The Borough Council is going to create plans which can be taken forward to a consultation with Culcheth and Glazebury residents.

Law and Order.

Speed enforcement has continued this month in Culcheth, Glazebury and Mee Brow. Our PCSO has visited local community groups to engage with members of the community who would not normally meet the Police. CCTV cameras have recently been installed on Shaw Street car park in response to concerns from local residents regarding anti-social behaviour.  The Police reported that burglary and vehicle crime in August was low in Culcheth and Glazebury.

Traffic in our Villages.

A meeting of the Glazebury Traffic group was held with Parish, Borough, and road traffic officers from Warrington Borough Council in attendance. The possibility of creating a community speed watch group was discussed and will be further investigated.  The installation of average speed cameras along Warrington Road was also discussed.

Litter Picking.

Parish Councillors have been active in collecting litter across the community. Over the past two months over 50kg of litter have been picked on areas around Newchurch Lane, Common Lane, and Warrington Road. If anyone is interested in volunteering to litter pick contact Cllr Neil Johnson for further details.

Glazebury Play Area.

Meetings have been held between Parish Councillors and the committee who oversee the community play area in Glazebury. Discussions are ongoing to replace worn out logs to renew this important green space. Over summer a group of young children and families used the area in a group organised by a local teacher.

Next Parish Council is on October 12th 7:30pm at the Culcheth Centre.